Israel Ortiz Castellanos

Israel Ortiz Castellanos is originally from Cuba and has been dancing practically all of his life.

He is a professional Dancer, Teacher and Choreographer with more than 30 years experience on the dance floor. He trained for 7 years at the prestigious and highly competitive ‘Cuban National School of Art ‘ENA’

Upon graduating at the age of 18 he scores a lead roll in a Cuban documentary and worked in several TV programmes in his country.

Then he worked for 2 different modern dance companies in Cuba before winning a position in the dance spectacular ‘Havana Night’. He travelled the world with this company, performing in more than 9 countries throughout Asia and Europe, before settling in Australia in 2003.

He founded ‘Cuban Dance Company’ in January 2004 to promote Cuban culture in Australia. As the director of the company, he wishes to share the passion, energy and creativity that defines Cuban dance and music. Cuban Dance Company’s artistic credibility and unique enticing choreographies have been celebrated by participation in a number of successful International and National events.

Israel is currently based in New Zealand and he is also a choreographer and teacher of Greydis Dance. He will be performing and teaching at events throughout New Zealand and Australia sharing his knowledge and passion for Cuban culture and dance.