'The Journey Starts Here....'

Dance is a poem of which each movement is a word...It is a gift that becomes entrenched in the soul. When we dance, our mind rests, there is no room for thoughts when we are immersed in the pleasure of movement, our body is present along with the soul and both move together in perfect harmony. There is a point when the moment and music grab hold of you and fill you so completely that you become more than a body moving through space...You became Art!   

Our goal is to build a healthier, stronger and happier community while enjoying the different flavours and rhythms.

Whether you have a love for fitness, dancing, or experimenting with it for the very first time the world of Greydis Dance has a place for everyone. The best journeys in life start with the smallest steps...You don't know how good it is till you try it ;)

Children, youth and adults come along and spice up your life! - Through the medium of dance you can step towards being a confident, stronger and healthier you.

Dancing improves your wellbeing, co-ordination and over all fitness. Greydis Dance is dedicated to providing classes, workshops, and private tuition that will ignite your passion to move and dance.

Feel the beat, follow the rhythms and dance your way through life!

Join the ‘Greydis Dance’ Family!